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Cultural Competence

Dental hygienists work with clients from various cultures and backgrounds. These resources will assist you to provide safe and effective dental hygiene services.


CRDHA Newsletter Articles

CRDHA has published two articles in the InTouch newsletters regarding cultural competence. These articles can be used as a start to learn more about the importance of cultural competence to dental hygiene practice.
January 2012 PDFDocument October 2011 PDFDocument


Alberta Health Services Resources

Diverse Populations The diversity of Alberta’s population will continue to increase significantly during the next two decades. Evidence shows that some of the most vulnerable segments of diverse populations – Aboriginal, immigrants, refugees, specific visible minorities, French speaking Albertans, and people experiencing homelessness – are disproportionately impacted by chronic disease. Alberta Health Services provides resources and learning opportunities to inform your practice.


Alberta Health Services: Diversity Awareness Self-Reflection tool Internal Link To support health care teams in reflecting on their own values and beliefs, Alberta Health Services (AHS) is introducing a new online Diversity Awareness Self-Reflection tool, as an important step in enhancing cultural competency. Application of this tool helps to increase the awareness of the personal beliefs, attitudes, values and practices that promote diversity competency


Patient-Centred Care through a Diversity Lens

Available now from Alberta Health Services.

Alberta is socially and culturally diverse in its population. This means that health care needs to reflect the diverse needs of the populations it serves. The purpose of the "Patient Centred Care Through a Diversity Lens" workshop is to support the health care providers to learn how to adapt their approach to work more effectively within the patients' social and cultural context within this 1 hour session or 3 hour workshop.



The Center for Linguistic and Cultural Competence in Health Care (CLCCHC)

The Center for Linguistic and Cultural Competence in Health Care (CLCCHC) is a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office of Minority Health (OMH). The CLCCHC develops the capacity of health care professionals to address the cultural and linguistic barriers to health care delivery and increases limited English-speaking individuals' access to health care. Think Cultural Health Internal Link Internal Link