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Client Populations

Dental hygienists provide care for clients with diverse medical, physical and cognitive conditions. These resources will assist you to provide safe and effective dental hygiene services.

People in Long Term Care

University of Manitoba: Mouthcare Resources for Caregivers: Fact Sheets & Video Clips Internal Link
This site presents Mouthcare Resources for Caregivers: Fact Sheets & Video Clips


The Older Adult

Halton Health Region: Oral Health for Seniors Internal Link
Medications, diet, general aging, and more can all bring about changes in a person’s dental and oral health. Within this section, you will find information to help both older adults and their caregivers to maintain strong oral health for years to come.


People with Dementia

Shifting Focus:A Guide to Understanding Dementia Behaviour Internal Link

This booklet is meant to help family members, friends and co-residents of those who live at home or in a long-term care home and  behaving in unpredictable ways that create unease or distress. It helps care partners and fellow residents learn about the brain and how dementia affects it; recognize your family member’s actions and their meaning; offer ways to respond;and increase patience and acceptance for those living with a dementia. Available in several languages including  French, Spanish, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portugese, Italian.