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Standards & Guidelines

It is the responsibility of all regulated members to comply with the CRDHA Dental Hygiene Practice Standards, Code of Ethics, and Practice Guidelines and apply them to their dental hygiene practice, regardless of practice setting or areas of responsibility. Performance below the minimal standard is unacceptable and may result in disciplinary action. Registered dental hygienists should strive to routinely practice above the minimal standards.


Standards of Practice

Practice Standards PDFDocument direct how professional services should be provided.

Amended Practice Standards PDFDocument

Code of Ethics PDFDocument is a set of guidelines and principles that govern the conduct of practitioners.

Standard of Practice for Administration of Local Anaesthesia PDFDocument

CRDHA Advertising Rules PDFDocument

Practice Guidelines

Practice Guidelines are dynamic and intended to reflect current best practice in relation to specific areas of dental hygiene practice.

CRDHA Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Conscious Sedation Guidelines PDFDocument

CRDHA Drug Guidelines PDFDocument

Leaving or Closing a Dental Hygiene Practice PDFDocument


Continuing Competence Program

To formalize its commitment to continued competence and to meet the mandate of the Health Professions Act, the College has established a continuing competence program with requirements related to registration and renewal of practice permits.


CRDHA Continuing Competence Program Rules PDFDocument

Study Club Considerations PDFDocument


Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)

Infection Prevention & Control Standards PDFDocument

Infection Prevention & Control Videos Internal Link

CRDHA Laundering of Reusable Linens Considerations PDFDocument

Instrument Sharpening Protocol 2016 PDFDocument


Donning and Doffing PPE Resources

IPC Manual References PDFDocument


PPE Donning and Doffing Tutorial Internal Link

PPE Posters Donning and Doffing with Cuffs PDFDocument

PPE Poster Donning and Doffing with Thumbloops PDFDocument


IPC Manual Development Resources

IPC Manual Table of Contents PDFDocument

IPC Manual Template (MS Word document) PDFDocument

CCAR-IPC BestPractices-2007 PDFDocument