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Advanced Practice Authorization

Section 13(1) of the Dental Hygienists Profession Regulation (the “Regulation”) authorizes General Members and Courtesy Members to perform certain restricted activities in the practice of dental hygiene and in accordance with the standards of practice approved by the Council. 


Section 14(1) of the Regulation requires that regulated members restrict themselves in performing restricted activities to those activities that they are competent to perform and to those that are appropriate to the member’s area of practice and the procedure being performed.


Registered dental hygienists who wish to incorporate a restricted activity into their practice must have successfully completed a Council approved course and be authorized by CRDHA to practice the restricted activity.

Local Anaesthesia

Local Anaesthesia Authorization Policy PDFDocument

Local Anaesthesia Application PDFDocument


Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Conscious Sedation

New Applicants Policies PDFDocument

Nitrous Oxide Oxygen Sedation Guidelines PDFDocument



Orthodontics Authorization Policy PDFDocument

Orthodontics Application PDFDocument



CRDHA members who have successfully completed the CRDHA Elements of Prescribing Course may be authorized to prescribe the limited Schedule 1 drugs that are related to dental hygiene practice. The Course administrator will contact each eligible member prior to adding the name to the Prescriber Roster.



Restorative Authorization Policy PDFDocument

Restorative Application PDFDocument