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Amendments to the Radiation Protection Regulation

Minor changes to Alberta’s Radiation Protection Regulation came into effect on July 25, 2013.  Not all changes are relevant to dental hygiene practice. The Regulation is available at Newpdficon


You should be aware that Section 5 of the Regulation now requires a pregnant dental hygienist who uses ionizing radiation equipment to inform her employer in writing of her pregnancy and the employer must review the dose history of the pregnant worker. 

Dental hygienists in independent practice often own equipment that must be registered under the Regulation. They should be aware that Section 13.1 of the Regulation includes new responsibilities and reporting requirements when radiation equipment is sold, leased, transferred, lent or removed from service.

Occupational Health and Safety has prepared an Information Bulletin that highlights all key changes to the Regulation. The Bulletin is available at Newpdficon.