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Registration of Radiation Equipment

On September 3, 2013 the Alberta Association for Safety PartnershipsInternal Link Image (AASP) became the Authorized Radiation Health Administrative Organization responsible for registration of x-ray equipment and lasers owned by dental hygienists. Information regarding registration of ionizing radiation equipment is available on the AASP websiteInternal Link Image in folders under the Radiation Health Information tab.  

The University of Calgary (U of C) will no longer be registering diagnostic or therapeutic x-ray or laser equipment owned by dental hygienists. All certificates of registration previously issued by the U of C will remain in effect until the expiry date on the certificate. The U of C’s registration records have been transferred to the AASP and certificates issued by the U of C will be renewed through the AASP.

The Radiation Protection Regulation requires owners of dental x-ray equipment, Class 3B lasers (i.e. Periowave Laser Base Station PW1100) and Class 4 lasers used in dental or dental hygiene practices to be inspected by an Authorized Radiation Protection Agency and to be registered with an Authorized Radiation Health Administrative Organization. In addition, dental hygienist owners of x-ray or laser equipment must complete and return an identification of radiation equipment form to the CRDHA. 

If you have purchased or acquired radiation equipment, you must arrange for it to be registered prior to use by contacting the Alberta Association for Safety PartnershipsInternal Link Image (AASP), the authorized Radiation Health Administrative Organization.  The AASP has been designated to ensure that dental hygiene owners of radiation equipment are in compliance with the legislation.  

Once AASP has issued a certification of registration for your radiation equipment, please submit the CRDHA Identification of Radiation Equipment form, along with a copy of your certificate of registration, to the CRDHA. This form must be completed and returned to the CRDHA by mail or fax to assist us in updating your member record.  A separate form must be completed for each piece of radiation equipment. Completion of this form does not constitute registration of the equipment. As noted above, the equipment must be registered with the AASP.

Identification of Radiation Equipment Form PDFDocument