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Other Relevant Legislation

All the Acts pertain to the dental hygiene profession to some degree. As a registered dental hygienist, you must apply these to your practice.


Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act

The purpose of the Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act Internal Link Image is to facilitate decision-making regarding a person in care with regard to the individuals capacity to make decisions.

This Act is to be interpreted and administered in accordance with the following principles from 2008 Section 3 Chapter A-4.2 11:

  • an adult is presumed to have the capacity to make decisions until the contrary is determined;
  • an adult is entitled to communicate by any means that enables the adult to be understood, and the means by which an adult communicates is not relevant to a determination of whether the adult has the capacity to make a decision;
  • where an adult requires assistance to make a decision or does not have the capacity to make a decision, the adult's autonomy must be preserved by ensuring that the least restrictive and least intrusive form of assisted or substitute decision-making that is likely to be effective is provided;
  • in determining whether a decision is in an adult's best interests, consideration must be given to

i. any wishes known to have been expressed by the adult while the adult had capacity, and
ii. any values and beliefs known to have been held by the adult while the adult had capacity.



Health Information Act

The purposes of the Health Information Act Internal Link Image:
  • to establish strong and effective mechanisms to protect the privacy of individuals with respect to their health information and to protect the confidentiality of that information,
  • to enable health information to be shared and accessed, where appropriate, to provide health services and to manage the health system,
  • to prescribe rules for the collection, use and disclosure of health information, which are to be carried out in the most limited manner and with the highest degree of anonymity that is possible in the circumstances,
  • to provide individuals with a right of access to health information about themselves, subject to limited and specific exceptions as set out in this Act,
  • to provide individuals with a right to request correction or amendment of health information about themselves,
  • to establish strong and effective remedies for contraventions of this Act, and
  • to provide for independent reviews of decisions made by custodians under this Act and the resolution of complaints under this Act.



Health Information Amendment Act

The purposes of the Health Information Amendment Act Internal Link Image are to address the technical enhancements to provincial electronic health records, clarify disclosure rules, improve the Department's capacity to monitor drug trends, and enhance the privacy of Albertans' health information.

Occupational Health and Safety Act

The purpose of the Occupational Health and Safety Act Internal Link Image is to ensure workers have a healthy and safe workplace.

Protection for Persons in Care Act

The Protection for Persons in Care Act Internal Link Image addresses issues surrounding abuse of persons in care. The purpose of this Act is:

  • to require the reporting of abuse involving clients,
  • to provide for an independent review of reports of abuse involving clients, and
  • to promote the prevention of abuse involving clients.


Protection for Persons in Care Act Fact Sheet PDFDocument


Radiation Protection Act

The purpose of the Radiation Protection Act Internal Link Image is to ensure protection of: 
(1)  Every person owning, installing, supplying, operating or servicing a radiation facility, radiation equipment or radiation source shall take all reasonable precautions to protect persons from radiation injury.
(2)  Every worker employed in connection with a radiation facility or a business or undertaking involving the use of radiation shall:
  • take all reasonable precautions to ensure the worker's own safety and the safety of fellow workers, and
  • use the protective devices and equipment and wear the protective clothing provided by the employer.


Radiation Protection Regulation

The intent of the Radiation Protection RegulationNewpdficon is to protect workers and members of the public from excess exposure to ionizing radiation and to non-ionizing radiation from higher-powered lasers. The Regulation specifies maximum exposure limits and the monitoring of personal exposure to ionizing radiation. It lists designated radiation equipment that requires a registration certificate, and outlines the conditions for issuing these certificates.  Dental x-ray equipment, Class 3B and Class 4 lasers owned by dental hygienists must be inspected by an Authorized Radiation Protection Agency and be registered with the Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships (AASP) Internal Link Image an Authorized Radiation Protection Agency, prior to use of the equipment. 


Safety Code 30

Safety Code 30 Internal Link Image provides specific guidance to the dentist, dental hygienist, dental assistant, and other support personnel concerned with safety procedures and equipment performance.


Freedom of Information & Privacy Act (FOIP)

Public bodies must comply with Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Newpdficon. Public bodies include all provincial government departments, agencies, boards, and commissions. It also includes local public bodies such as municipalities, universities, school boards, and others. 


Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)

The Personal Information Protection Act Newpdficon protects individual privacy by requiring, in most cases, private-sector organizations to obtain consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information and providing individuals with a right of access to their own personal information.


Government Organization Act (GOA)

The Government Organization Act Newpdficon (GOA) provides the framework for the organization, structure, and operation of government, including the delegation of administrative responsibilities for each Ministry.


Public Health Act

The Public Health Act grants Public Health Inspectors power to inspect public places and when necessary order that any dangerous conditions be repaired, removed, destroyed, or declared unfit.


Scheduled Drugs Regulation, Alberta Regulation 66/2007

The Scheduled Drugs Regulation, Alberta Regulation 66/2007 is an associated Regulation of Alberta's Pharmacy and Drug Act. It lists the drugs that fall within each of the provincial drug schedules.