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Online Continuing Competence Course Providers

A variety of online courses are offered by educational institutions, professional associations, industry, or commericial organizations.


Online courses must meet the requirements of the CRDHA Continuing Competence Program (CCP) Rules PDFDocument

to be eligible for CCP credit. Section 9.1.3 of the CCP Rules indicates that online courses must include a post-examination. 


Do Your Research

It is your professional responsibility to ensure that the online courses you take are provided by:


Assigning Program Credits for Online Courses

The CRDHA Competence Committee determines the eligibility of specific courses for CRDHA Continuing Competence Program (CCP) credit.


CRDHA Continuing Competence Program Rule 9.1.3 Self Directed Study states “Program credits are granted according to recommendations made by the course provider, the publisher, or the Competence Committee, with consideration given to the amount of time necessary to cover the material and to take the examination.”


The CRDHA Competence Committee makes the final approval for the number of credits awarded for any course. The Competence Committee has determined that the number of credits indicated by some course providers is not consistent with the content of the course.


The Competence Committee has determined that courses from the following providers are eligible for only 50% of the credits indicated by the provider.   

  • Crest Oral B/Proctor & Gamble (Dental Resources; Dental Care) 
  • Forsyth Institute (Colgate Oral Care Report) 
  • Hygienetown 
  • Institute for Natural Resources paper based courses
  • I Need CE (Penwell, Hu-Friedy)
  • Pharmacy Times (Courses relate mostly to the pharmacy profession)