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Celebrating our successes and honouring our own members is an important element of our professional College. There are members in our midst who deserve recognition. If you believe one of your colleagues meets the criteria for a CRDHA award, please let us know.

The nomination deadline for the 2018 CRDHA Member Awards is generally March 29, 2019. See the CRDHA Member Award details below for each individual award. 

CRDHA is pleased to offer these awards: CRDHA Lifetime Membership; Marilyn Pawluk Mabey Award; Joanne Clovis Award; Member Service Recognition Certificate.



CRDHA Life Membership

Life Membership may be granted to a person who:

  • Has been a Member in good standing of the College or its predecessor for a minimum of 15 consecutive years.
  • Meets the criteria established by Council for Life Membership.
  • Is nominated through the nomination process.
  • Has made substantial contributions to the advancement of the Dental Hygienists profession over an extended period of time.


Nomination Process

  • A complete nomination must be received by the CRDHA Nominating Committee on or before January 15 of any year.
  • A complete nomination is to be signed by the nominator and five (5) additional voting members who support the nomination.
  • A complete nomination must include an outline (max 500 words) of accomplishments that the nominators consider worthy for the granting of Life Membership.


CRDHA Lifetime Members

  • Linda Ascah
  • Jean Haw
  • Margaret McLean
  • Jan Pimlott


Marilyn Pawluk Mabey Award

Established in 1978 to honour and perpetuate the memory of Marilyn Pawluk Mabey, a member who enhanced the profession of dental hygiene in Alberta by modelling clinical competence, instructional excellence, and professional development. The award is intended to honour and recognize a dental hygienist who emulates similar attributes. Contact info@crdha.ca for nomination details.


Nomination Process

Use the nomination form and submit to CRDHA office. The nomination deadline is March 29, 2019.
Marilyn Pawluk Mabey Award Nomination Form PDFDocument


Award Recipients

  • 2018 Wendy Male
  • 2017 Kathy Sauze
  • 2016 Rachelle Pratt
  • 2015 Alexandra Sheppard
  • 2010 Judy Clarke
  • 2010 Sally Lockwood
  • 2009 Wendy Mackinnon
  • 2005 Paulette Schulte
  • 2003 Patty Gainer
  • 2002 Jan Pimlott
  • 2001 Barbara Gitzel
  • 1998 Diane Skene
  • 1997 Anita Eastwood
  • 1996 Janice Ritchie
  • 1995 Margaret Wilson


Joanne Clovis Award

The Joanne Clovis Community Health Award was established in 1987 by the Alberta Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) in response to interest initiated by dental hygienists working in community health. The award recognizes significant contributions by a member to the oral health of the community. The Community Health Committee, composed of community health dental hygienists, approached the ADHA Board for approval to establish the award. Joanne Clovis was the first recipient and the award was named in her honour. Contact info@crdha.ca for nomination details.


Nomination Process

Use the nomination form and submit to CRDHA office. The nomination deadline is March 29, 2019.
Joanne Clovis Award Nomination Form PDFDocument


Award Recipients

  • 2018 Arlynn Brodie
  • 2015 Denise Kokaram
  • 2009 Wendy Ulrich
  • 2008 Melanie Garrison
  • 2005 Sylvia Baran
  • 2003 Eunice Edginton
  • 2002 Dawn Estey
  • 1995 Sandra Cobban
  • 1992 Jackie Smorang
  • 1992 Myrna Frizell
  • 1990 Jacqueline Dahl
  • 1987 Joanne Clovis


Member Service Recognition Certificate

Awards for member service recognition are presented in the following four categories:

  • Association Service. Awarded to a CRDHA Council or CRDHA Committee member for service recognition at the conclusion of their terms.
  • Community Service. Awarded to a CRDHA member who has made significant contributions, beyond her or his job requirements, to the oral health needs and the welfare of others.
  • Professional Service. Awarded to a CRDHA member who has made outstanding contributions which significantly furthered the careers of dental hygienists and the dental hygiene profession.
  • Scholastic/Research Service. Awarded to a CRDHA member who has made significant scholastic contributions and achievements which significantly furthered the dental hygiene profession.


Nomination Process

No form is required.

To nominate an individual for a Member Service Certificate please send, by letter or email:

  • A brief summary of reasons why the nominee is recommended for the award.
  • Two references supporting your recommendation for a Member Service Recognition Certificate in one of the categories.


All nominations require written support from CRDHA members in good standing. Awards are presented at the CRDHA Annual General Meeting or other CRDHA event by the CRDHA President or designate.